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Our Solution

Our Solution

At Additive Flight Solutions, we provide high-quality additive engineering support and services to the aerospace MRO, consumer products, automotive, medical, electronics, and equipment manufacturing industry. With our Stratasys 3D printing solutions, coupled with our in-depth experience of 3D printing, we are able to meet your needs for production part, rapid prototyping, tooling and other application requirements.

When utilising traditional manufacturing techniques, both low and high volume production are subject to similar high initial costs for tooling. In the case of low volume, lead times can be lengthy whiling tooling is produced, and part costs can be very high after amortizing tooling cost.

By utilizing Additive Manufacturing for your Production Parts, no tooling is required, as this is a tool-less manufacturing process. As a result, parts can immediately be produced with your design file, and delivered in a fraction of the time. Additive Manufacturing also allows the production of certain part geometries which would not be possible to produce through traditional means. This gives opportunity for more complex designs, part consolidation, and possibly higher reliability in the part, and other CAPEX saving and supply chain benefits.



Rapid Prototyping is an essential element of the Product Design Cycle. By producing a first-off part, designers and manufacturers are able to obtain tangible feedback on their product. Rapid Prototyping not only provides Fit, Form and Functional testing opportunities, but allows for low cost iterative design changes, prior to your commitment of expensive and time-consuming traditional manufacturing techniques.


In all manufacturing organisations, any improvement in a process or workflows can lead to higher reliability of end products and lower the cost of manufacture. Aids to assist in holding or moving parts around the shop floor can all be produced via Additive Manufacturing.

Departments that could benefit from Manufacturing Aids include Production, Quality, Engineering, and Packaging.

Applications available to these teams include Jigs, Fixtures, Press Tools, Transportation Trays, Packaging, Personal Protection Equipment, Guides, and Positioning / Holding tools.

These applications are typically less obvious and require a different approach to identifying and solving an issue. We encourage you to reach out and contact and find a solution together.


Our Quality

    Our Quality Management Systems are certified to AS9100D and ISO9001:2015 standards in the provision of engineering, certification support and production of additive manufactured part solutions for the aerospace and other industries. Working together with our parent SIA Engineering Company who holds both CAAS and EASA DOA and POA approvals in 3D printing, we are capable of producing aircraft parts to meet airworthiness requirements.    Archiving AS9100D certification means that our organization has a quality system in place to produce together with our JV partner certified interior cabin parts for our customers.

    The Company is committed to providing Additive Manufactured parts and products which meet or exceed the customer and regulatory requirements. 

    This is achieved through working closely with the customers and regulators and pursue continuous improvement through quality enhancement measures.

    ISO-9001 AS-9100

    AS 9100D and ISO 9001:2015 ISO 9001:2015 SIAEC POA Exposition part 3.8 SIAECPOA001 part 3.8
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