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Why Aerospace

Companies Use
Additive Manufacturing?

Aerospace companies were some of the first to adopt 3D printing, and they continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible with additive manufacturing.

With the need to produce lightweight, complex parts, aerospace companies have taken advantage of 3D printing for cost savings and fast production.


Additive manufacturing enables lighter parts, lighter parts save fuel, saving fuel increases profit


Additive manufacturing enables economic low volume production, which enables cost-effective customization, which enables passenger differentiation


Additive manufacturing enables distributed manufacturing, which upends a restrictive aftermarket and eliminates billions in static inventory

AM’s Benefits

Additive manufacturing builds directly from CAD data and can eliminate the need for tooling, jigs, and assembly fixtures.

When compared to complex CNC machining and long lead time investment casting, 3D printing can rapidly deliver and significantly simplify intricate parts through part consolidation, allowing multiple subassemblies to be combined into a single component.

It offers one of the most instrumental solutions for weight reduction and simplifies inventory management – all major benefits for aircraft manufacturers.

Wide Adoption

From giants like Boeing, Airbus, GE Aviation and NASA, the advancements of 3D printing on a production scale have been verified by the aerospace community before trickling down throughout other industries.

Aerospace trends continue to be a driving force behind wide adoption of 3D printed production.

Quality Assurance

Having developed some of the most stringent industry performance standards involving material specifications and manufacturing process control documents, we’re ready to validate and certify components that meet your unique requirements.

We offer a dedicated aerospace engineering team, high-performance materials developed for aerospace environments, and AS9100 certified quality systems to ensure safe and strong aerospace parts. Your flight-qualified parts will be delivered on time and to spec every time.